When it comes to creating positive public opinion on your persona it becomes imperative to brand yourself. However, this can mean a lot of different things and brings up numerous questions on its own. What is my brand? What do I want people to think of when they think of me? How can I get rid of the negative image of myself or my name out in the world? Well to start off with some basics we can look to a nifty website called brandyourself.com.

Through the tool of brandyourself.com can be to take control of your brand on the internet it is not only easy to boost your professional image but interesting to see what else is out there on the internet related to your name. The website will crawl google search results for your full name and show you what any regular Joe Shmoe (or potential employer) would see. For obvious implications this can be very important. Whether your a student studying computer science who is ready to code the next big app or a entrepreneurial mom who wants to open up a bakery, what the public sees of you is important.

So when you first start the process at brandyourself.com it will ask you to create an account, and also link it to as many social media (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn) or other websites that may pertain to your public identity. I myself followed this process and was delighted by how simple and streamlined the process was, as a for the most part cleanly designed website and professional service process.

After the first steps, I checked off of a list of results that were either me, or some other random police officer with the same name from somewhere else in the country. After that it gave me a report card style score. screenshot-4

So my online brand wasn’t the greatest but that’s okay because the promise of brandyourself.com is that you can improve it. This can be accomplished by adding in better searchable content to a select amount of categories and then having brandyourself.com work to boost the material using it’s own algorithms. I encourage all of my readers to try to product out for themselves and work on their own brands!

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Evan LaVigne

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