In a world that is constantly bombarded with new tech, it can be hard to pick what piece of equipment is right for you. Especially when it comes to drone technology. The market as exploded in the consumer and professional realm in only the past few years. Whether its the Chinese drone company giant DJI, or a new american made product form 3DR, or GoPro, the decision can be tricky.

So I took some time to pick my top three drones. Now take in mind that this shortlist was made with a few things in mind. Firstly this list was made with aerial cinematography in mind. So cheaper toy drones will not necessarily be included. Secondly, I haven’t been able to get much experience with drones like the Go Pro Karma for example, so this list is comprised with drones I’ve used and brands that i’m familiar with. As their are so many new brands out there it can be hard to keep up, so this is the few that I suggest from the cheaper end of the scale to the upper end.


I actually have written about the Phantom 4 Pro, and the Inpire 2 before here on the blog, so check it out. So as not to recover as much ground as before I will list some highlights of each drone and why I think it may be a good buy.

First off to bat is the Parrot Bebop 2. This French designed drone can be a great first starter drone when breaking into the drone game. It offers a 1080p camera and a compact design. Its improvements over its first generation allow for better control of flight and can be flown up to over a mile away in good flight conditions. Now keep in mind that the price I gave in the info-graphic includes a new controller and a virtual reality style headset for even more immersive flying!

Now next up the line is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. This drone is a great buy. It offers a great in between point in price in the drone world while giving more top notch specs that an average consumer would need. It can fly up to 4 miles away due to DJI’s lightbridge technology and as built in sensors that will automatically stop itself from flying into obstacles such as trees and buildings. The 20 megapixel 1″ CMOS sensor. camera even shoots up to full cinema 4k (4096×2160) at 30fps. This is definitely an advantage it has going for itself at this price point.

Finally we have the DJI Inspire 2. This drone offering by DJI all but pretty much makes the jump to professional gear for a drone buyer. Short of buying a drone that can carry a dslr this is one of the top drones on the market today. Its signature design which allows the landing feet to fold up during flight gives the camera the ability to swivel 360 degrees to get the shot no matter what. The Zenmuse camera options shoot up to 5.2k resolution in CinemaDNG or AppleProRes formats, along with giving the cinematographer different lens options.

All of these drones are great options and I encourage anybody to research them and any other drone to find the best match for them.

Thanks for reading!

Evan LaVigne, LinkedIn , Twitter