Last week I posted about my first edit with Adobe Premiere Pro. Today I got to move along to another Adobe Creative Suite product and has a similar quality first time experience. At first Adobe Photoshop 2017 can be intimidating, and on a beginners next couple of tries it will probably be still somewhat confusing. However the program is very effective at offering a large arsenal of tools to let the creative mind of anybody do wonders to a photo. Even if it takes multiple practice tests to get there.

My first edited photo can be seen above, and while it accomplishes a set of features that I set out to complete it lacks the “oomph” to show off the wonders that Photoshop can produce. I started off my simple project with a base photo that I wanted to manipulate.


Lavigne, Evan. (Tuesday, February 21, 2017 ).  Stock-photos-11.jpg [Jpg].


After finding my empty-ish canvass of a photo that was just waiting to be edited I had to decide what I wanted to do to it. With the simple task of adding some elements to the photo I found some sea fairing vessels on the internet to add to my masterpiece.


After finding these images I went the easy way and cut them from their background images using erasing techniques. Then I resized them using another Photoshop tool in order for them to fit proportionally inside of my starting photo.

However I felt the photo was lacking still some in some authenticity so I added another person on the dock for size reference and depth. Then to add to the photo of the boat I added a wake from another picture to give a better sense of motion.

Finally I added a filter on the base image. The filter was an accented edges brushstroke. I toned it down and kept it primarily as an accent piece to give a little bit more life to the house.

LaVigne, Evan (3/1/17) [JPG]
My final product left me with this photo. When I look back on it, and then look at professional’s work, I can easily tell it was edited. But none the less the project is a basic beginner’s job. Overall this project has left me with with a greater understanding of the piece of software that is Adobe Photoshop 2017.

Thanks for reading!

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