No matter what career a person is getting into it is very important to be able to brand yourself.  While there is many ways to do this two easy ways could be using a service like Brand Yourself that I have previously written about, or a more creative approach like a business card. Now you may not think of a business card as creative but I assure you they can be. Here are some examples I found online. You can also hover over the pictures to find a source and website with many more creative examples.

These are some fancy business card examples that ooze creativity, however any professionals first card, especially if made by themselves rather than a company, will probably look a lot simpler. Like myself for example, I wanted a business card for not myself specifically as an budding advertising professional yet a one I could give out for drone cinematography work that I would like to do as a side business.

So I fired up Adobe InDesign 2017 on my laptop and got started. I first set my margins slug & bleed settings in order to get my two sided business card setup functioning correctly. Then I went through the exhausting process of getting ideas, trying them out, and eventually starting over because it wasn’t quite perfect. This process followed by some tweaking left me with a pretty basic design that I enjoyed. Primarily I stuck with it because of its ability to quickly get my information across and to serve as a sort of mini portfolio to hand out to people.

Business Card 1
LaVigne, Evan (March, 2017) Front Side of Business Card [JPEG]
The picture above is my final version of the front of my business card, I went real simple and printed it with black on a white background for contrast and readability. It highlights not only my name and contact information but more. It contains an address for my online portfolio and showcases that I’m certified to fly a drone commercially. The other side of my business card is where I get to showcase a little part of my portfolio.

Business Card 12.jpg
LaVigne, Evan (April, 2016) Sunrise on Tybee Island, GA [JPEG] 
This was a photo that I took using my drone last year during spring break of the coast of Georgia. It serves its purpose as to show a single type of shot I can take for a client whether it be to advertise the beach that their hotel is on, or to survey a farm. A drone can make use of its video and photo purposes in many unique ways. So this photo is spread across the entire backside of my business card.

All in all, a business card is a very important step to becoming a professional in any field of work. Just having a card whether for handing to potential clients, employers, or even other like-minded professionals is great for networking. The use of Adobe InDesign is simple and streamlined and shouldn’t take anyone too long to learn to make a simple card.

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