As an Advertising & Public Relations major being versed in technology and the internet is a very handy ability to have when entering the workforce. As tech and the “internet of things” becomes ever more prevalent in the world employers are going to look for applicants with experience. Whether that experience be knowledge of HTML and CSS, a Google Analytics certification, or a healthy understanding of SEO and its functions, it is imperative that career seeking students delve into the world of technology.

As a freshmen in college I am eagerly learning about the advertising career world, however I still have some figuring out to do before I land on a specific career path. Luckily as I have learned recently the world of advertising can be quite inter tangled and collaborative with many advertisers in smaller workplaces wearing multiple hats. So I’ve looked up multiple jobs in varying areas of my interest. I did this with the specific intention of finding out what they may want or require of a applicant when in comes to technology. In no particular order here are some of my findings.

1. Jr. Digital Strategist – Zimmerman Advertising
  • Knowledge of advertising, other integrated digital marketing disciplines including, but not limited to, SEO, SEM, Direct Response, Viral, etc.
  • Passion for and knowledge of current and emerging technologies
  • Background in most online technologies (HTML, Java, Flash, JQuery, etc.)
  • Experience with Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst, Google Analytics, DoubleClick, Prisma
  • Experience with Data Management Platforms (DMP) and CMS platforms

I am very interested in digital strategy. Its role as setting a brand off in the right path blends the need of research and creative ability to create a compelling and effective strategy. The job posting had notable skill requirements and functions, such as SEO, SEM, basic web code knowledge experience with data management platforms.

2. Digital Strategist – 21C Media Group 
  • A knack for web development, social media management, data interpretation and analytics, and trends in technology is required.
  • Familiarity with coding languages, photo/video editing programs, and fluency in one or more foreign languages are all pluses.

This company’s strategist role also listed themes of web development, social media, and data interpretation and analytics to be required for hiring.

3. Digital Copywriter – The Spark Group
  • Our copywriter will work closely with our social media producer, web designers, branding team, and analytics team to assist in the planning and execution of various online campaigns.
  •  Experience from crafting social media posts and paid advertising copy to assessing, re imagining, and rewriting entire websites.

This copywriting job emphasizes working with other tech centered co-workers and stressed knowledge in social media and paid advertising. Which brings a nice balance of tech to the creative heavy endeavor of writing and the process of writing copy.

4. SEM & PPC Associate – Backroads
  • Working knowledge of HTML, Google Ad Words or Bing Certification a plus.
  • Analyze search and web analytics data to inform PPC decisions.
  • managing all aspects of a select group of SEM campaigns
Paid advertising or search engine marketing is a field that is very large and growing as the internet and search engines are rapidly expanding in use across the globe. It is very much a tech centered career as it is entirely based online and works to promote online sales.
5. SEO Content Writer – dietspotlight
  • Familiarity with SEO, SEM, SERP, and content marketing.
 SEO content writing is a enticing career path as it combines the creative pursuit of writing with the strategic and technological goal of driving organic search to a website.
The process of looking online for careers that I may pursue in my future was equal parts enjoyable to see where i’m going and nerve wracking to see the list of requirements and experience needed. However, it is refreshing to see the centered focus of tech in job listings as it mirrors a shift in the working industry across not only America yet the entire world.
Thanks for reading,
Evan LaVigne