In the world of advertising social media is vastly important. There is a plethora of options out there such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even new, underground sites like Mastadon, to name a few. If your a brand that is seeking to connect with as many people as free social media can let you its in your best interest most of the time to utilize multiple sites at once. However, managing posting between all of these sites can be difficult. This is where services like Hootsuite or TweetDeck can come in handy.

For this blog post I used TweetDeck. This specific social media client is specifically for Twitter. It lists different information from the accounts you have connected in a streamlined fashion by converting all the information into streams or timelines. All of which can be seen from one page, effectively making the process managing Twitter immensely easier.

In this post I am focusing on the tweet scheduling feature of TweetDeck. When writing out a tweet, TweetDeck will let you pick a time and date, and it will then automatically upload that post on that day. This can be very helpful for somebody trying to manage a twitter account as a week or more worth of posts can be written out and scheduled in one day.

Screenshot (9)
LaVigne, Evan (4/17/17) TweetDeck Screenshot [JPEG]
This is a screenshot of TweetDeck connected to my personal twitter account. I removed some columns, and only left columns or streams with information that is okay for public viewing like direct messages and such. Obviously if you monitoring your own account you can add many more columns to see all the information you need. The important column to view here is the Scheduled column, which is the second from the right. It contains the five different scheduled tweets that I have written. To view all of the tweets I would have to scroll yet, a part of each tweet is at least visible in this screenshot.

Each of which are set so they go live two days apart from each other and at noon. Every scheduled tweet is worded to bring attention to a specific blog post from this WordPress and contains a link and a specific hashtag. All of which directs and promotes my blog and brand. TweetDeck is just one of many social media tools that can be used to better manage your sociall media tasks. I urge everyone to search for clients and try them out!

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