I’m happy to say that I am officially Google AdWords certified, specifically in Google’s search advertising.

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The Google AdWords system is a complex yet rewarding beast. When taking into account the scope of Google’s reach when it comes to advertising the term beast really does fit well. In a basic sense Google AdWords is a system where advertisers or individual businesses can use a set budget to place advertisements in with relevant searches across Googles plethora of services and sites. There is a key few things to highlight from this last sentence. These being how relevant AdWords can be and the reach of Googles influence and site reach.

First off, I use the term relevant because it is a key factor to Google’s AdWords system. Without diving to deep in the AdWords curriculum and making this blog post a mini AdWords lesson I’ll try to summarize it the best I can. When placing an advertisement on say Google’s search engine, AdWords takes in account the ad’s Ad Rank, and Quality Score.  Quality score is based on a few things such as, how much an ads keywords match a persons search terms, how quality an advertisements landing page is, and other factors about how helpful your advertisement is constructed among other things. This is the relevance of the AdWords system working to show advertisement’s only to people who will benefit from them. The Ad Rank side of the formula factors in the maximum bid for a consumers click, or the (CPC) Cost-Per-Click. This is how Google only has advertisers spend the minimum amount needs to out bid another for better ad position. However, it is important to know that a good Quality Score can outweigh a higher bid.

The second part of AdWords that is important to know is how big of a reach Google has in order to promote your specific advertisement. I personally learned and studied for the Search Network part of the Google AdWords Exam. Which primarily covers advertisements that show directly inside of Google’s search engine results and websites that partner with Googles Search network. People wishing to get AdWords certified can also specialize in areas like Mobile Advertising, the Display Network (which covers You Tube, and other Google sites), Video advertising, and Shopping advertising. The important thing to notes is that whatever you chose, your advertisements are not only relevant to those who see it, yet span a large portion of internet traffic.

In the Advertising world I tend to skew specifically towards how advancements in technology can improve the industry. As you might be able to tell from how I brand this blog. I have written in my blog before about creative applications like the Adobe suite, and have covered articles talking about drone technology and how their use of cinematography is rapidly expanding. In the world of technological advertising, AdWords is on the front lines of the internet and placing helpful products in front of viewers who need them.

AdWords is a great piece of technology that can help Advertisers to target people whose products can really help. It also allows advertisers to spend what they want and to measure conversions and analytics to help improve the formula. This is all thanks to the trending technological advancements of today. I highly encourage all advertisers to check out AdWords and look into getting certified. Just head over to Google Partner’s site to create an account and get started!

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