This blogs featured photo is one of excitement, as it contains the eager students who will make up the 2017-2018 GVSU Advertising Club‘s Executive board. After a great two semesters of meetings and events Ad Club has wrapped up at Grand Valley, leaving behind a new board in its past board members footsteps.

The reasoning behind this post is to highlight my experience of networking with not only other involved students, but the numerous professionals that has come to talk at Ad Club this year. People might not necessarily think of staying on campus as an easy way to network with professionals. However, our meetings that are held every other Tuesday usually has a professional from some aspect of the spectrum that is advertising agency and corporate life careers to talk with students.

GVSU Ad Club (3/28/17) Dan Drullinger Video Call [JPEG]
A specific highlight has been just recently when we were able to video call Dan Drullinger from Austin, Texas to talk about his role as Senior Strategist at GSD&M. He has recently been listed on Business Insiders list of 30 creative professionals under 30. After he went over his timeline of school to agency life with us he opened up the floor to ask questions of any sort, such as internship advice, and other advertising questions. An interesting point in his advertising career that he pointed out was that he was part of a similar club at his school, the University of Oregon. Needless to say it was a great meeting with information that is invaluable to students. Here is a link to a GVSU Ad club blog post written by a current e-board member.

So as I’ve said the meetings have been a great example of networking in advertising. Since joining Ad Club I have had the ability to apply for e-board and I am pleased to say that I will be on next year’s e-board as the secretary chair and co-communications chair. I am the person in the center of this blogs featured photo, fourth person from the right. I am excited to be able to network and learn from my other e-board members and am looking forward to next years meetings!

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